Standing On The Side Of Love In Statesboro, Georgia

Rev. Keith Kron:  We come today from many places and many stories into the new home of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Statesboro, Georgia.

 Congregation:  We remember and honor the past and those who have come before us.

 Rev. Keith Kron:  The Unitarian Universalist Church of Savannah.  Rev. Frank Anderson.  Pot lucks.  Recognition as a Unitarian Universalist congregation in 1990.  Georgia Southern’s Developmental Studies Building. The Bland Cottage at the Botanical Garden.  The Old Nursing Building.    609 East Grady Street. From humble beginnings, the Fellowship has been in many places.  We give thanks to these beginnings and homes of this fellowship.

 All:  And now it has a new address:  6762 Cypress Lake Road.

 Rev. Keith Kron: We wish to honor those who have been a part of this congregation’s history  and dedicated parts of their lives to make this Fellowship a beacon for Unitarian Universalism in Southern Georgia. Please take a moment and call forth the names of the people who helped build this congregation and whom you wish to remember.

 Congregation:  (calls forth of names).

 Rev. Keith Kron: We honor the future and those who will follow.

 Children, Youth,  and their Families:  We are thankful for this new building.  We are glad to have a place to be together, to learn, to play, and to be with loving  people.

 Rev. Keith Kron: We honor those who visit us.

 Guests:  We are honored to be here at this moment, sharing this celebration of your dedication to this faith and to Statesboro.  We know within these new walls, lives will be cherished and renewed, supported and loved.  We know outside these walls, your presence will make a difference in this community.  We are grateful for your dedication to creating this new space and to Unitarian Universalism.

Rev. Keith Kron:  We honor those whose dedication has brought us to this moment. We honor the ministry of this congregation, its people—leaders and minister.

 Board & Minister:  Our shared ministry is an ongoing source of love and hope for each of us.  We promise to be good stewards of this ministry. We value the trust bestowed by you on us.

 Rev. Keith Kron:  We honor the people who are this congregation, who worship on Sunday, who teach and learn, sing and listen, celebrate and grieve, find comfort and nurture others.

 Congregation:  We find refuge and strength here.  We find peace and courage here.  We find affirmation and conviction here.  We wrestle with questions, comfort one another in times of need, and build community together, becoming more than the sum of our parts.

 Rev. Keith Kron:  In this new building, this new hallowed space, we give and find life.

 All:  We dedicate this new building to our people, to our community, and to  our faith.  This dedication of love and work is inspired by those who have come before, those amongst us, and those who will be our future.

 May these rafters protect us from harm.

May these walls keep up warm.

May these floors ground our lives.

May these windows remind us we are not alone.

May these doors be open to all who wish to enter and become a part of our community.

And may the people who gather here be filled with spirit, generosity, knowledge, purpose, memory, respect, curiosity, faith, hope, and love.

We bless this building and this fellowship as we continue together into our future.  We welcome ourselves and each other to our new home.

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